Puppet Master

The first Puppet Master film was released on home video in 1989. While the movie was intended for a theatrical release, the filmmakers ultimately felt it would do better financially as a straight-to-video release. That strategy paid off as Puppet Master became a sales and rental success. In the movie, a puppet maker named  André Toulon uses an ancient Egyptian potion to bring his numerous creations to life. However, as Nazi’s attempt to steal his secret, Toulon takes his own life after packing away his creations. Years later, four psychics are brought together, finding one of their colleagues had committed suicide. While the try to unravel the mystery of his death, and their own visions, Toulon’s puppets begin to attack, taking out each in gruesome ways.

After it’s home video release, Puppet Master became a mainstay in the horror community, and a huge cult classic success. The film was followed by eleven sequels and/or prequels, adding new puppets, and expanding on the history of the crazed killer marionettes. As the franchise continued, , over 20 puppets have been introduced in the films. The franchise has resulted in a number of collectibles over the years, including action figures and full size replica puppets (mainly) from Full Moon Features, who owns the franchise.