MAN OF STEEL: Faora-Ul Play Arts Kai Action Figure

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Play Arts -Kai- Action Figure

by Square Enix Products
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From the 2013 film Man of Steel, brought to you by a tag team of powerhouse creators with Christopher Nolan as producer and Zack Snider as director, comes the cold but fiercely beautiful Faora-Ul to join the PLAY ARTS KAI lineup!

Square Enix closely recreated Antje Traue’s beautiful eyes and her dignified facial characteristics.
The cape is detachable. 
Square Enix closely referenced the original materials to recreate her costume’s sleek design with great detail, even from behind.
Also they focused on the softness of the fabric and an elegant flow when sculpting the cape.
By adding a sharp edge toward the tapered tip of the cape, it was able to combine the soft flowing features seamlessly alongside the sharp edges of the design.

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