BREAKING BAD: Mike Ehrmantraut 1/4 Scale Statue

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1/4 Scale Statue
Limited Edition of 500
by Supacraft Studios
Item Number: SCD200002 

Ex-cop, now hitman, cleaner and privat investigator Mike Ehrmantraut lends his talents to supacraft's line of high quality 1/4-scale resin statues straight from the award-winning TV series Breaking Bad™!

With painstakingly detailed head and body parts, Mike appears as he did in the series. The use of translucent resin makes his skin look almost eerily lifelike with every single vein, wrinkle and hair stubble adding to the authenticity.

Standing comfortably in his characteristic calm and self-confident pose, this statue with incredible likeness of actor Jonathan Banks leaves nothing to be desired! Also included is a 1/4-scale replica of Mike's HK MK23 gun with silencer. The New Mexico desert base with dusty plants, rocks and a partially sand-covered, three-dimensional Breaking Bad™ logo, is bursting with details. Mike's face, his pose, his clothes, the base - every tiny detail of this incredible statue makes you think, he has just crawled out of your TV screen to keep your other collectibles in check.

The sculpture has a total height of 45.5 cm. The figure without the base has a height of 43 cm. The length is 26 cm and the width 34.5 cm.


Limited to 500 pieces only!

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