CLASH OF THE TITANS Figurines of the Gods Prop Replica Set

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Figurines of the gods set (7-inch)
Prop Replica
Clash of the titans

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Whether he likes it or not, Perseus is headed to the underworld to fight Hades, and, sure, he's bringing some friends along for the ride, but we all know who the pressure's on. After all, being a son of Zeus comes with some expectations, right? Well, when it comes to saving Earth from being overrun by demons and other terrible types, at least we know we're in good hands.

Figurines of the Gods Prop Replica set. Available in a set of six, Features the immortals as seen in the film, capture the movie likenesses perfectly, cast in highly detailed resin and are 7 inches tall. These make for an extremely unique collector's item for fans of the film or of Greek mythology in general.