THE WALKING DEAD: Woodbury Assault Vehicle Construction Set


Construction Set
the walking dead

by McFarlane Toys
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Vehicles are a extremely valuable tool during an apocalypse…assuming they still have gas. During season 3 of AMC’s The Walking Dead, The Governor and his Woodbury survivors took every opportunity to procure these assets – including some camouflage military trucks. Now you can build your own military transportation with the Woodbury Assault Vehicle construction set! Whether you’re picking up walkers from the pit traps or attacking nearby survivors at a prison, this versitle vehicle can handle all your construction needs!

Each construction set includes a fully buildable assault vehicle with mud flaps and wood paneling accent details, along with functioning wheels, doors, Walker net and crane. Also contains Shumpert figure (with interchangeable sitting legs) and one netted Walker figure. The set, in total, is 401 pieces.

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