HALO: Mjolnir Mark V & Mark VI 2-Pack ArtFX+ Statue Set


1/10 Scale ArtFX Statue Set
by Kotobukiya
Item Number: KTOSV146


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!
The all new Halo 1/10th ARTFX+ Statue series continues with more incredible high quality, medium scale figures with top notch sculpts and affordable price tags.  Up next is a special pair of UNSC Spartans in the MJOLNIR MARK V AND MARK VI DX TWO PACK!  Just like the initial Master Chief release, these two statues feature techsuit base bodies with our cool new removable armor design; all of the outer pieces slide and/or snap into place onto the techsuit bodies.  In this pack you’ll get two identical base bodies with red team Mjolnir Mark VI armor and blue team Mjolnir Mark V armor.  Plus, you can equip your Spartans as you like with the Energy Sword or UNSC Magnum, and each base body features 10 points of articulation in the upper body for posing options!  Armor and weapons slide and lock into place with a quick and easy fit, and all parts are compatible across the Halo ARTFX+ line.  The Mjolnir Mark V and Mark VI armors were sculpted by MIC and stand nearly 8 1/2 inches tall (1/10th scale) with magnets in their feet for added stability on the included metal display bases.  Be on the lookout for other interchangeable armor sets and ARTFX+ Halo statues coming soon from Kotobukiya!


  • This special double set comes with two base techsuits, red Mark VI armor, blue Mark V armor, two magnums, and two plasma swords.
  • Tech suits are compatible with other HALO ARTFX+ armor sets from Kotobukiya.
  • Each techsuit features 10 points of articulation in the upper body, allowing for the creation of your own poses.
  • Armor pieces slide into place with a quick and easy fit.

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