BRUCE LEE Ver. 2 Tribute 1:3 Scale Statue


1:3 Scale Statue

Limited Edition
by Blitzway
Item Number
: BW-ISS2102


Once again Arnie Kim returns to the subject for which he is most renowned and revered. The master sculptor of Bruce Lee figures and BLITZWAY have produced the second version of the great man at the epic 1/3 scale under license to Bruce Lee Enterprise.
This new version has been produced with even higher standards of realism. Having learnt from the production of our first statue we are confident that this new one will be the very best Bruce Lee statue EVER produced, showcasing even greater standards of realism and subtlety.
You will be so impressed with the realism. You will feel like you are face to face with a scaled facsimile of the real man, about to spring into action with his iconic battle cries.
1. Based on the success of the first PVC statue with its unprecedented portrait likeness, utilizing state-of-the-art painting over a semi-translucent base material. This version perfects the delicate skin textures and paint applications, especially noticeable on the ultra realistic application of the eye paint. The artists have ensured that this is the definitive version to own, and will be the ultimate centerpiece of ANY Bruce Lee collection!
2. The beautifully designed octagonal base is designed to showcase the figure perfectly, exquisitely crafted to highest standards, bearing the JeetKuneDo emblem alongside the dragon… the internationally recognized icon of Bruce Lee.
3. Highest quality Polystone has created  to craft a vivid and lifelike depiction of Bruce Lee’s famous body. Every scar, pore and bead of sweat will spring to hyper-realistic life by the talents of the highly skilled artisans.


1. Head/Hair : PVC & Magnet
2. Body : Skin effect PolyStone & Magnet
3. Shoes : PVC & fabric socks
4. Diorama Base : Polystone
5. Costume : Fabric
6. Package : Color EPP + Color Box

License : Bruce Lee Enterprises LLC.
Product No. : BW-ISS2102
Product Type : Infinite Scale Statue (1/3 scale)_ Hybrid Type
Product Size : Statue - height Approximately 560 mm / Diorama Base - 360mm (W) x 360mm (L) x 125mm (H)
Product Weight : Approximately 13 Kg (Including Package)
Dimension (Shipping Box) : Approximately 500mm(W) x 540mm (L) x 700mm (H) (Dimension and weight could be changed later.)

Creative Producer : Won Choi
Art Director : Arnie Kim
Creative Director : K
Sculpt & Paint : Arnie Kim
Diorama Base Design : Arnie Kim
Diorama Base Modeling : APEX
Marketing : Won Choi
Production Management : K
Photographer : StyleFirst
Editor of Photography : Hongbaksa
Costume Design : Mr. King
Package Design : Hongbaksa
Accessories Modeling : APEX
Manufactured by : BLITZWAY

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