THE LORD OF THE RINGS: Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure


Sixth Scale Figure
the lord of the rings

by Asmus Toys
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"I would have gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor." 

Asmus Collectible Toys are proud to present the Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. The collectible figure features an authentic likeness of Viggo Mortensen as seen in the films and features a detailed costume, elven weapons, and an interactive custom base. 

LOTR fans, don't miss your chance to collect the infamous Ranger of the North!


Asmus Toys The Lord of the Rings Series: Aragorn

The Aragorn Sixth Scale Figure features:

· Authentic and detailed fully realistic likeness of Aragorn from The Lord_ of the Ring trilogy.
· Asmus Toys  KP01A+ male body
· Approximately 30 cm tall
· Over 36 points of articulation


· An authentic likeness of actor from the film.
. A combating expressive head (Only available with pre-order) 
· One pair of relaxed posture hand
· One pair of weapon holding hand
· One pair of fist posture hand
· One pair of Orc brace (can be equipped on regular 12” body to build an orc)
. One sixth scaled Evenstar

Special features on Clothing:

· One elfish cape with leaf pin
· One pair of long sleeved undervest
· One pair of long underpants
· One leather vest
· One authentic Aragorn ranger leather coat
· One belt plus sheath holder
· One pair of leather boots
. One traveling gear A
. One traveling gear B

Special features in weapons:

· One ranger sword
· One elfish dagger
· One bow
. One sword sheath
. One elfish dagger sheath
. One arrow/bow holder
. Arrow x 6
. One arrow gear


· One interractive cutom base
· One Asmus Toys figure stand

Category: Heroes of Middle-Earth 
Product Type: Sixth Scale Figure
Product Size: 11" H (28cm)
Dimensional Weight (DIM): TBD
Int'l Dimensional Weight (DIM): TBD

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