2000AD: Judge Death 1/12th Scale Collectible Figure




1/12th Scale Collectible Figure

by 3A
Item Number: 3A1502JD


Created by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Brian Bolland; Judge Death is a twisted version of Judge Dredd from a dimension where all life is a crime and death is the only solution.

The sentence for your toy shelf is death.

Clawing his way out of Deathworld, Judge Death is receiving a 1/12th scale action figure from toymakers 3A. Clocking in a 6.6 in., Judge Dredd’s (im)mortal nemesis is fully posable with a tailored mock leather outfit. We’ll deliver the verdict on the action figure right here-it’s all kinds of awesome.It certainly packs some gruesome levels of detail and quality, which is exactly what any Judge Dredd fan should want.


Spawned from a dimension in which all life is crime, and the only punishment is death, Judge Death has been a staple of the Judge Dredd mythology since John Wagner, Brian Bolland, and Alan Grant created him in 2000 AD #149.


  • Figure Stands 6.6" (16.8cm) Tall 
  • Fully Posable 
  • New Unique Sculpted Slender Body 
  • Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Tailored Mock-Leather Outfit
  • Classic Painted Colorway