GREMLINS 2: Bat Gremlin Deluxe Boxed Action Figure


Deluxe Boxed Action Figure
Item Number
: 30757

The Bat Gremlin is the result of yet another tragic case of accidental ingestion of liquid DNA.

One of the most requested Gremlins figures of all time is finally here! The latest deluxe action figure from Gremlins 2: The New Batch is the spectacular Bat Gremlin, with a massive wingspan of nearly 18 inches.

This detailed re-creation of the puppet seen in Gremlins 2 is fully articulated, including hinged ears, hinged jaw, and jointed arms that allow the wings to spread open and fold closed! At approximately 6 inches tall, it’s perfectly in scale with our previous Gremlins action figures, too and remember: always keep your experimental genetic serums clearly labeled “NOT JUICE.”.

Comes with a “flight” display stand.

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