The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (Series 1) Jacob 7-Inch Scale Action Figure


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7-Inch Scale Action Figure
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: NECA22184

It’s only the biggest cultural phenomenon of the last two decades, so if you’ve been missing out on the whole Twilight thing, that’s perfectly understandable. Or not. At all.

The third movie chapter in this bona fide saga, Eclipse, is the most massive yet, and you know NECA‘s right in there, bringing you all the supernatural goodies you can handle and then some. Whether you’re pulling for Edward or Jacob, you’re definitely going to want to check out this line of Eclipse 7″ action figures!

It’s a hard choice, vampires or werewolves, and we figured why make it when you can have both? Eclipse series one features both Edward and Jacob in all their brooding/hyper-abdominal glory!

Both figures are available now!


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