SIN CITY: Hartigan 18-Inch Figure with Motion Activated Sound


18-Inch Action Figure with Motion Activated Sound

Item Number
: 33266

Frank Miller teams with Robert Rodriguez to bring his comic book sensation to the big screen in Sin City. Step into Basin City, where the cars are fast, the guns are big, and the babes are brutal. In these three stories you'll meet Marv, a big lug out for justice; Hartigan, a good cop in a bad town; and Dwight, who'll do what it takes (including maim, stab, kill and steal) to save his friends.
   NECA is pleased to offer Sin City merch to kill for, the highly detailed and articulated action figures.

Hartigan comes with a pistol and lead pipe.
Says 4 quotes from the hit movie Sin City:

  • "Nancy Callahan, 19 years old: she grew up, she filled out."
  • "I take his weapons away... both of them."
  • "Lead the creep outside, get that Beretta away from him somehow, and kill him."
  • “An old man dies, a young woman lives. Fair trade."

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