IN CASE OF DEMONS: Exorcism Cabinet

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by In Case Of
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The Exorcism Cabinet. Throw Them To The Pits.


The exorcism emergency cabinet includes * :
1.    Large cross
2.    Blessed protective cross
3.    Holly water container
4.    Bible
5.    Stole
6.    Sacred scroll of abolishment   
7.    10 ft. of constraining rope

* All included objects are non operational and non functional. The Emergency Cabinet is for display purposes only. (see tab "Important Info") 


Content Description
The exorcism emergency cabinet provides the tools necessary to liberate the body, the spirit, and the soul of the possessed. The cross is a weapon and a shield against the powers of the Demon. Holy water is the tool that breaks the Demon's concentration and of course the constraining rope keeps the Demon from unleashing a physical attack. Be warned! The Demon's power is not limited to physical attack. Lies, painful truths, and deceitful accusations are also weapons in the evil arsenal. Arm yourself with faith and will power and silence the dark arsenal. Though faith may be your primary weapon hold fast to your Bible, the unbeatable ally breaking the Demons' defenses. When vulnerable and weakened launch an attack with the scroll of abolishment. The scroll of abolishment is one, if not the most, powerful script/prayer against demons and unholy creatures. Use with caution due to its powerful nature.         


Product Description
Exorcism emergency cabinet
•    Dimensions: H: 48cm / 18.89in , W: 48cm / 18.89in, D: 11.5cm / 4.52in
•    Approx. Weight:  4.4kg / 9.7lb
•    Case: sheet metal 
•    Included objects materials: plastic, paper, metal and fabric.

o    Most objects are hand made(**)
o    All painted objects are hand painted
o    Most objects are designed by "in case of" (**)
o    Most objects are unique(**)
      except constraining rope.


Package includes
• Exorcism emergency cabinet
• Instructions and information manual
• Wall-drywall mounting materials (screws, washers, etc)
• Complimentary "in case of" sticker


Each emergency cabinet is completely sealed and cannot be opened unless heavy force is used which will excessively damage the cabinet and the ornaments (objects) there in.
All ornaments (objects) within the cabinet are permanently affixed to the back of the cabinet with mechanical and chemical means.
All ornaments (objects) are non operational and they do not have any movable or operational parts and cannot be (objects or parts thereof) engineered into operation.


The "In case of Exorcism" product is for display purposes only. In no event will In case of™ be liable for any use or misuse of the product beyond its intended purpose. In no event will In case of™ be liable if the product is modified or tampered with in any way from its original state. In case of™ will not be held liable for statements, product descriptions, product layouts and photos that someone might consider them offensive due to religion, culture and/or political views or ideas.


Unique & Hand Made!

All Products Are Crafted, Finished & Painted By Hand

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