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1:4 Superb Scale Statue
Limited Edition

by Blitzway
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“The King of Pop, the eternal icon of music, Michael Jackson.”

Blitzway has perfectly recreated Michael Jackson’s appearance on stage, capturing every iconic detail, from his signature ponytail style to the delicate texture of his skin and the gilded details of his costumes that reflect dazzling light under different lighting conditions. The Standard Version of Michael Jackson, with its meticulous portrayal of muscle definition in the tightly closed mouth and clenched fist, conveys a sense of tension and truly brings the presence of Michael Jackson on stage to life.
The Dangerous Tour by Michael Jackson, held from 1992 to 1993, remains a legendary concert that is remembered for its powerful performances, not only by his devoted fans but by many others as well. Blitzway has vividly captured every aspect of this tour, from the expressions on Michael Jackson’s face as he surveyed the audience from the stage to the costumes he wore and the poses he struck.
Experience the vivid moments of the dazzling King of Pop, Michael Jackson, as we remember him on the stage of the Dangerous Tour. 


– Statue Size approximately 22.6 inches tall [W 235 mm x D 235 mm x H 575 mm (Including Base)]
– Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Michael Jackson
– Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits
– Stage themed base
– One (1) Ear Microphone
– One (1) Transmitter
– One (1) Sunglasses


Product Title : Michael Jackson
Licensor : Triumph International, Inc.
Manufacturer : BLITZWAY
Product No. : BW-SS-21801
Product Series : Superb Scale Statue
Product Type : 1/4 Scale Statue

[Product Detail]
Size Approx. : W235mm x D 235mm x H 575mm (Including Base)
Weight Approx. : 8.9 kg (Product Only) / 12 kg (Including Package)

  • Dimension Approx.

– Package : W 590mm x L 320mm x H 265mm
– Carton : W 660mm x L 390mm x H 340mm (*1 pc / 1 Carton)

*Dimension and weight could be changed later.

– Head : PVC
– Hair : PVC
– Body : Polystone, PVC
– Base & Accessories : Polystone, ABS, Metal
– Costume : Fabric
– Package : Color EPP + Color Box

[Shipping Detail]
Estimate Shipment: 2023, 4Q

UPC : 8809321479814

  • Production details might be subject to change without any prior notice.
  • Prototypes shown, final products may be slightly different.

·Producer : Sungwoong Bae, HyuckChul Kwon
·Planner : Won Choi
·Executive Director : HyuckChul Kwon
·Marketer : Won Choi, Inae Kang
·Art Director : K. A. Kim
·Art Manager : Daehwan Hwang
·Head Sculptor : K. A. Kim
·Assistant Head Sculptor : Ingu Kim, Jihye Cha, Hajeong Lee
·Head Painting : K. A. Kim
·Body Sculptor : Ban_C, Hajeong Lee
·Base Sculptor : Daehwan Hwang, Inho Hwang
·Accessory Sculptor : Inho Hwang, Sanghyuk Yoon
·Costume Fabrication: Ara Kim
·Technical Engineering : Konkuk Kim
·Painting : Kwangse Oh
·Assistant Artists : Eo Jin, Kyungwook Kim, Hansol Yu, GS Kim, CHOI IL HWAN, MinZisoo, yu ji Jeong, O_deng, ImSaeKyul
·Public Relations : Jueun Lee
·Casting : BLITZWAY Casting Team
·Concept Design : BLITZWAY Design Team
·Assistant manager : Eric Lee, Lang Xu
·Photo : BLITZWAY Photography Team
·Editor of Photography : Zhou Hai, Sunghyun Kim
·Package Design : BLITZWAY Design Team
The BLITZWAY Design & Development Team
Manufactured by BLITZWAY CO., LTD.

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