PERSONA 3 FES Kirijo Mitsuru 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure

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1/8 Scale PVC Figure

by Alter 
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From the popular RPG Persona 3 FES comes Kirijo Mitsuru.

Kirijo Mitsuru is the one who recognizes your powers as a persona user and recruits you into her special extra-curricular activities club.She does not reach her leadership position through beauty alone, but as a strategist and a fearsome fencer too. This figure of her comes with her main weapon, her rapier, guns, and the holster attached to her belt as well as an extra arm.No matter whether she is in her battle pose with her rapier in hand, or in the signature Persona3 pose, with the gun held at her temple, her regal bearings that her figure portrays cannot be overlooked.

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