REAL STEEL: Midas 1/6th Scale [42cm] Collectible Figure

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  Real Steel

1/6th Scale [42cm] Collectible Figure

by threeA 
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The champion of the Underworld.

threeA is bringing more figures from the film 'Real Steel', the next in the line-up is the robot used in Underworld fighting matches, Midas!

The figure has a number of highlights, such as his shining golden body and red Mohawk styled hair. His body is also covered in scratches and dents from all his previous fights and all his joints are filled with cylinders and wires for a truly realistic appearance! His eyes are also loaded with fiber optic lights.

  • Please note that images shown may differ from the final product.
  • Due to the nature of the paint used on this figure, the paint may not be completely dry when the product packaging is opened. If the paint is not dry, please place the figure in a well ventilated area for 2-3 days and avoid touching it until dry.
  • Playing with the figure before the paint is dry may lead to colors bleeding or fingerprints remaining on the figure.
“Real Steel” is a trademark and copyright of Dreamworks II Distribution CO.,LLC.All rights reserved.
©2012 DreamWorks II ©2012 ThreeA / Ashley Wood all rights reserved.

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