COBRA The Space Pirate 12-Inch Vinyl Figure

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12-Inch Vinyl Figure

by High Dream Corporation
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The Knobby nose ..the drooping eyes..
The cigar always on his mouth that floated the smile.
All of you may think he is an effeminate man.

However, nobody in the galxy doesn't know his name.
His name is COBRA, COBRA the space pirate.

He cruises around Galaxy looking for exciting adventures with his ship 'The Turtle'.
Also with 'Psychgun' in his left arm and his beautiful partner "Armaroid Lady".

A space adventure, the representative worked Buichi Terasawa.

In 1977, since the birth of COBRA, over 20 years have passed. During that long period, COBRA fans have come to love COBRA and many of the girls and other unique space characters around him that appeared in the story.

From the 1970's classic anime series ´Cobra The Space Pirate´ comes this highly detailed 12-Inch Vinyl Figure of the title character. Features detailed paintwork for authentic appearance!