MAN OF STEEL: Superman Play Arts Kai Action Figure

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Play Arts -Kai- Action Figure

by Square Enix Products
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In the pantheon of super heroes, Superman is the most recognized and revered character of all time.
Clark Kent/Kal-El (Henry Cavill) is a young twenty-something who feels alienated by powers beyond anyone's imagination.
Transported to Earth years ago from Krypton, an advanced alien planet, Clark struggles with the ultimate question 'Why am I here?' Shaped by the values of his adoptive parents Clark soon discovers that having super abilities means making very difficult decisions.
When the world needs stability the most, it comes under attack. Will his abilities be used to maintain peace or ultimately used to divide and conquer?
Clark must become the hero known as Superman, not only to shine as the world's last beacon of hope but also to protect the ones he loves.
Superman’s face captures the likeness of Man of Steel star, Henry Cavill.

Square-Enix recreated every detail of his face, from his classically handsome facial structure to the brooding intensity of his eyes.
The body suit consists of flexible and rigid materials as well as many different textures to bring about a highly realistic finish.
While keeping true to the soft, flowing texture of the cape, the design makes full use of the characteristics of the PVC material, with a beautiful silhouette and the look of being suspended in mid air.

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