ALIENS: COLONIAL MARINES Lurker Play Arts KAI Action Figure

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No. 1 lurker
Play Arts -Kai- Action Figure

by Square Enix Products
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ALIENS: from COLONIAL MARINES, appeared alien to hear the chance of killing it lurks in the darkness "Raka" becomes the PLAY ARTS Kai! Since the beginning the joint range of motion, and has adopted a soft material, and quadruped which is derived from the parasite to the four-legged beast, and etc., such as hear the timing of the surprise, tail that can be moved freely in the wire into even together , can be bizarre poses of Raka specific. It can be said that the symbol of the alien, other mouth is further into the mouth "inner mouse" is also capable of and storage drawer, and express Magamagashi is by forming a clear plastic head. Head that is attached to the base also can be mounted, you can reproduce the damage state in the game by this.

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